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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mariage on Wheels ~ Part Two

Tonight we leave for a three week westward adventure. Four kids and trailer in tow!

Do you remember my post about a ‘Marriage on Wheels’, if not click and get filled in on the drama.

I went to work on figuring out a way to mix our trailer dreams with a very thrifty budget!

Such Fun
Upon completion Roger kissed and complimented me, sweet rewards...

I bought curtains on sale from Ikea and recovered all the hideous trailer upholstery.

Then nic-knacked from thrift shops and garage sales.

The bedding I mostly had stored in my linen closet (all previously found from thrift shops), the duvet on the master bed was a large table cloth I bought at a garage sale, now sewn into a duvet cover.

The ‘Flower for Sale’ sign above the door was the best find. For reasons unknown to me trailer designers put a slab of fabric above the door, which is tacky and unmovable!  Amazing I found the sign at a speciality shop on sale and it was light enough for Roger to hang it in his beloved trailer.

I did have to put my style desires aside for the bathroom which has now been converted into a fortified fortress all in hopes of keeping our two-year-old-Lachlan trapped… for nights at least!

All’s Well that Ends Well

I am thrilled to say we will be one Happy Marriage on Wheels after all!